Beep sound Example

I am using a workflow which sends a mail when certain condition occurs. Now I want to raise a Beep sound along with the mail.

I tried to use the Beep activity in do while loop but the workflow is not making any sound.
Please share the workflow which produces some kind of beep or any audio.


@Atul_Rai Follow below link

Text To Speech in Robot

You can play any mp3 through open application by passing File name as arguments and close after given time. Please see the attached.

BlankProcess1 (2).zip (9.7 KB)

Remember temple bell workflow?? We can use that activity itself for beep sound😂

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i have tried Beep activity but is working completely file. just check your previous activity have the property WaitforReady is complete.

Thanks everyone.
@indra the activity you suggested is very easy to use. so I am making it as solution.
@Vivek_Arunagiri your workflow is competely amazing as it allows any mp3 file to play.
@Divyashreem I have not checked it.

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