Batch Spreadsheet Upates 를 while loop에서 사용이 가능할까요?

행의 수를 count = count+1 등으로 점차 증가시켜 반복적으로 데이터를 입력하고 싶은데 한 번 사이클이 돌면
Batch Spreadsheet Updates: 이미 완료된 작업을 최종 상태로 전환하려고 했습니다.
라는 메시지가 뜨면서 작동이 멈춥니다.

while로는 사용할 수 없는걸까요?

예, while을 사용하여 수행할 수 있습니다. 테이블이고 여기에 값을 삽입하려고 합니까? 흐름을 보여줄 수 있다면 도움이 될 것입니다.


This is the current flow.
The number.Tostring is used for the cell address in the write cell / write range.
Batch Spreadsheet Updates Activity is not used SheetName.
Does this problem?

why is the number incremented by 20 you have to update it in the next cell right?

Just test.
I want to put a value in B3.(number = number +1)

what is the exact issue you are facing? write cell is not happening based on the range you are providing?


For write cell activity, my prediction is that A1 should have a value of 1 and A21 should have a value of 1 before termination
However, the result is that A1 is written with 1 and an error is called.
The error content is in Korean, so I don’t know in English,
but maybe error content : You attempted to convert an already completed job to its final state.

Can you try giving delay before write cell

Unfortunately, delay activity did not solve the problem