Write cell in LastRow problem

The program writes “Lorem ipsum” at the last row 10845… How to tell him to count xlUP

I want the data in C3 and next data in C4 and continue

@Petar_Soce This might be of help

Thank you. All of this :

is inside for each loop. Right now it writes the first value in thr specified row but when it comes in the second turn it overwrites that value.
I cant understand why “indexofrows” always gives out -1 as a result. If the first is -1 and i write some value in that -1 field then on the second turn index of row should be -2 or something. But it gives -1 again. I cant share my workflow due to the sensitivity of data. Thank you

I have managed to solve my problem so if anyone comes accross this , this is what I did: