Batch file passing a excel file using batch file in Excel application scope

I wanted to fill workbook path in excel application scope using a variable and i created a batch file of my automation process, so i am passing excel file path in batch file so how to use that batch file excel file path in excel application scope.


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Can you tell me is your batch file is in a particular folder?


yes, my batch file looks like as follows:
“…\UiRobot.exe” -file “…\automationprocess.xaml” “…\excelfile.xlsx”


Use Read Text File and give the path of the bat file you have

This will extract the content to a variable as below

Once string is extracted then use String operations to get the excel file name

Hope this helps you


I appreciate your approach but what i want is to without giving any hard code file path in my uipath process i can fill path of excel application scope activity.

what i am thinking is i am passing excelfile.xlsx in batch file so is there any way to extract excel file path as an argument in uipath so that i can use that path by storing in a specific variable??


Could you please clear your question step by step