Bank Authentication

Hello, we are starting one project and one step will log on the Bank Web site and schedule the Payments.
My question is relate the authentication security as for example hard Token User in the Bank (aleatory numbers) or the diferent capcha used.
For this step the better practical should be to executed manual by the Operation?

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If a captcha is used , I think u can extend ur automation there with use of some Machine learning appraches

The recommended solution would be to disable the captcha and MFA(Multi factor Authentication) for the robot ID and make sure the security settings are on point for the environment where the robot is running.

We once did that for a client and that requires a bit of configuration/security changes, Infra team should be helpful in that case.
We did the following:

  1. Disabled the captcha and MFA for the Robot ID using that application
  2. Made the Robot ID accessible to only via that one VM (added a validation during the authentication to check the source)
  3. Restricted that VM access using MFA

Hello, thanks by reply.
I have some doubts…
Disabling the captcha, how we can do it? What is the better plugin to use?
Or by Studio we can to disable it?
MFA, sorry but this is the Security options in the Vm that we Need to Check?
If I have one authentication in site With external hardware (Token) That change the Numbers and I Need put it in the Site, in this case will be necessary to use attend Robot. Yes?

These configuration of Robot Id do you comment for local infra Team disable it?
But the options are mandatory of Bank Web Site? Or I should contact the bank regarding this implementation?

Hello @Felipe_Sternberg

That MFA is something we implemented to secure the access. You may go ahead with that unique token and retrieve it everytime, and let the robot type everytime but again it’s upto implementation strategy you want to have.

Regards Captcha disabling, we have got it sorted with the help of the application management team, that was a internal application and have been altered with the helo of internal infrastructure team but with added conditions and protocol to ensure security.

So you can try the robustness of the Unique Token solution or yes, you csn present that captcha as a blocker to the bank and ask them if there are some changes that can be done to overcome this.

ok, I got it.
in this case the solution will be to contact the bank and see the possibility of not using the standard security tool (installer of Security local and capucha web site) and using the Uipath solution (Uniq Id Robotic).

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