How to automate the website having security protocol


These days some websites have security protocol to prevent Bot activity. (e.g. Having multi-factor authentication and secure token)
If we would like to automate the activity on these websites, what kind of action or approach can we take?


you may have to go for attended bot, where bit of manual intervention is involved.

Hi skini76,

Thank you for the quick response.
I know there are some security authentication as follows.
・Select image from the list
・Enter the number which is sent via messages, email or call
・Click check bot(I’m not Robot) etc…

I believe Uipath can automate some of them.
Actually my client would like to understand the UiPath capability as which case can/cannot be automated.


Hi @11115 ,
We can automate the ‘verification through email’ process. ie, if the authentication code is delivered in our email id, we can read it and enter that in the required input field. that is a very simple process. Similarly, if you can find some online sms inbox, this also can be done through it’s API or some other automation processes.

i’m not sure about the rest of the cases.
(call can also be automated if you have a dedicated number for this, then using some “text-to-speech” programs with that. i don’t know about the practicality of this, but this is also possible theoretically) :wink:

in case of captcha, you can use any of the services like DeathByCaptcha, @captcha etc…

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Their is no other way to access the website you have to go through that…This is basically for preventing bot so simply select image and access the website you want :smile: