Balareva.excel.copy to workbook Error

I had a very unusual experience during the operation of RPA.

I’m using the function of copying Excel sheets and making sheets with new names.

I use Balareva. Excel.copy to workbook. (2019.4.0)
There was no problem for a month.

I checked that only special files have errors.
Please check the two files below.

error.xlsx (485.7 KB)
success.xlsx (10.5 KB) (23.3 KB)

The error.xlsx file does not change its name after copy.

I’d like to copy sample sheets and make another “Rename sheet”.

I did a lot of tests.
Only the file does not copy to sheet.

Balareva, can you tell me why not?

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Hi @ssong,

Really thank you very much. for you kind feedback. I have fixed it. Now you can get the package here.

Thank you