Bad symbols in text from word

I get text from table in word, use table.Cell(i,j).Rang.Text and in string I get bad symbols.
How I can delete them? UiPath not see this symbols in Replace.
This is screen I get by save logs.


You can copy entire text into a variable and use Replace Activity to replace the unwanted symbols

Also use write like below
StringVariable.Replace("Your Symbol", "")

Hope this helps you


Yes, but this bad symbol not paste in Replace, I try do it.
I copy symbol from txt-log file and it not paste in Assign

Now I paste text with symbol in variable in Assign but not can save xaml, get error:
System.ArgumentException: ‘’, hexadecimal value 0x07, is an invalid character.

studio is crash))


Can you share your project folder, then we can try


output.txt (189 Bytes)
file with bad symbols

I put symbol in Replace, try Save xaml and get error:

looks like the bell character


Check as below


Yes, it work! But how did you know the code of this symbol?

\a was hint enough to check out the ASCI Code for this char
taking the first char from text (is it was \a) and using the ASC function return the code. see below

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