Removing symbol from string in a loop

Probably a simple solution but not for me.
I have a row(0).ToString that contains names, except that rather than a space " ", the names contain “・”.
So my question is if there is any way to use a activity to change “ベルント・レノ” for example, into “ベルント レノ” in a loop?
Much appreciated if anyone could help me learn!

@Robert_Wennberg Have you tried using replace?


I am trying, but I do not understand how I would be able to pass through the row(0).ToString through that activity and get a result

Sorry if my question was not well formatted. What I mean is that, inside my row(0).ToString I get “ベルント・レノ”, “コンスタンティノス・マブロパノス” and so on. Those are names which I would like to remove the “・” symbol from. With the replace activity I understand it as you can only do it if you have an actual text and not with a row(0).ToString etc? Or am I totally wrong?

@Robert_Wennberg Check if this works : row(0).toString.replace("・"," ")

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As usual, you are a genius. It seems to work without any errors, but I will have to try it out more later.
Thank you so much for your help.

Any recommendation on where I can learn more on how to use different “syntaxes” and how to learn more on how to use .replace, .contain and so on? I am very new to everything so I do not know where to begin!

@Robert_Wennberg Even I am Learning though :sweat_smile:, UiPath is based on c# framework so i would suggest some tutorials on c# where you can get to learn the basics.

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I will see if I can find any good basic tutorials on C# and study that as well then!
Thank you for your help and advice

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