Type Into Activity (Simulate Type vs No Simulate Type)

Hi all,

This is the process I have at the moment.

Using a dialogue box, prompt the user for their username, and type the username into the username field - as simple as that.

This is the problem which I am facing at the moment. The username consists of a backslash such as - aaa\bcdefg

When using the “Type Into” activity without the ‘Simulate Type’ checkbox checked, aaa\bcdefg is correctly populated into the username field.

However, if I was to check the ‘Simulate Type’ checkbox, the backslash is being eaten up (I guess it is because it is an escape character??) Hence, only aaabcdefg is populated into the username field.

Anyone has any workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @robot_learner,

To overcome this problem, try like this in type into activity…!




Instead of simulate type enable sendwindowmessage property both helps in running in background
Cheers @robot_learner

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Hi @kadiravan_kalidoss

Works like a charm! Thanks.

Hi @Palaniyappan I will try out your method too.

Thanks guys!

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