Azure Blob 'Get Storage Account' Error

I have put in the correct IDs (client, tenant, subscription) in Azure Scope. However, I keep getting an error that says the name of my Storage Account is wrong even though it is the correct name. I have attached a screenshot of the error.

Thank you!

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Hey @anusha.kandula,

It seems you don’t have the necessary permission to access storage blob.

Check and update accordingly to resolve the issue.

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I have created the Blob though and I am pretty sure I have access to it even on Azure itself. Do you think there could still be a permission issue?

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Azure portal access is different from programmatic access.

The client credentials and key you are using should be given appropriate access or role to it to make sure you can able to do required operations.

Adding to it, Kindly check once again the ResourceGroupName and Storage Account Name. It should be exactly equal so that you can able to access.

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Thank you. To clarify, the ResourceGroupName is just the name of the resource group that you assign when creating the blob container and the Storage Account Name is just the name of the Blob?

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Yep, that’s right @anusha.kandula

But, Storage account name is not the name of the blob.

Azure hierarchy is something like this,

Resource group name -> Storage Account -> Container -> Blob

So blob name will be the name of the file you save in Azure.

Kindly check accordingly.

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Thank you! :smile:

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