Azure AD integration


I have successfully deployed UiPath Orchestrator via ARM template to Azure and can login with default tenant credentials. I have published this application in Azure AD and configured web.config file to enable Azure AD authentication as detailed in the guide.

I do see Login with Azure AD option on UiPath login screen.

When I login as local admin and try to add users, I see only Local users and can not add Azure AD users. Is there something I am missing or I need to do additional configuration?


So. I figured it out. I am using web.config attributes to do custom claims mapping. I am mapping username to email in the claim from Azure AD. If in UiPath username is email and email field is different than email in claim, authentication fails. So it seems that documentation is wrong. If I set mapping ByUserName to upn, upn in claim is always mapped to email field in User properties in UiPath.