Robot not throwing error

I am making a robot to enter information into a system. On occasion the system will not accept the information being entered into a certain field and throw an error.

What i would expect to happen is for the robot to attempt to move onto the next field, fail and throw an error.

Instead what appears to be happening is that the robot is pausing the type into activity and waiting for the error the system the threw to be closed before carrying on.

Is there some way to check if an activity has been going on for too long and if so to close it.

Every Activity has a timeout. The default is usually 30 seconds (30000 milliseconds).

What you really should do here is code your automation to check if an error appeared, and deal with it intentionally.

It doesn’t time out, i tried waiting for over an hour leaving the timeout field as default, and after filling in the timeout field it still just does nothing.

That’s odd. Are you sure the bot isn’t continuing to click and type or whatever else it does, thinking that the original command (the one that failed) didn’t actually fail?

Anyway, as I said you need to code your automation to check for the error and deal with it by clearing the error, throwing an error, etc.

I am certain that it isn’t continuing.

It’s capable of detecting and dealing with errors, the problem stems from the fact that the activity is not ending so it can’t move on to check if there is an error.

Are you sure it’s the activity that generated the error that isn’t moving on? Or is it the next Activity?

Usually to troubleshoot something like this I just stick a log message after each activity so I can see in the logs what was the last Activity executed.

If it is, in fact, the next Activity that is stuck, not the one that entered the data, then you can put an error check before the next Activity. If it really is the “enter data” Activity that’s stuck, that’s really odd and you should probably log a ticket with UiPath to get them to investigate.

Verbose logging might help you get to the bottom of it, too.

I am sure because i did what you are suggesting except with message boxes, can confirm the problem is with the type into.

I will contact uipath about the issue.

Hi @omari_lawrence - quick clarification, are you using the forms activity in your workflow in any way (based on the tag)? If so, I can try to help but wanted to clarify that first.