Just learned about UIPath

Hello everyone, I just learned about UIpath and RPA developement, I have a question I have no background with anything related to code, can I still learn this program ? Thanks

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u can :+1: :+1:


Hello @Sandking,

Sure you can learn.
You have 2 nice options.

  1. Register to UiPath Academy : https://www.uipath.com/rpa/academy
  2. There is the UiPath community edition, which is free.



@Mallik_Arjun @wasea Thanks I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hey sorry if this is a stupid question, I tried to get UIpath StudioX free trial, but it requested a business email and I don’t have one, is there a way to get it without having a business email ?

Hello @Sandking,

You can create an account and download the studio from Cloud platform.
Here is not specific for a business email, you an use gmail, outlook, hotmail accounts…
Create an account here:

After installation, you open the Studio and select from profiles, StudioX

I hope it helps.