Automation with Google Handout

i’m conducting an experiment to see if it’s possible to have a robot reading messages posted in a google hangout channel and trigger a task according to the message. I want the robot to lauch actions whenever I write a message saying so in a google hangout channel.

I’m debuting with UIpath and it’s been months since I last used UIpath so I’m not sure about how should I do it.
I first tried a while True loop and tried to read the last message with a Get Full Text, but it doesn’t update when I write other message so I modified the selector, parameter (WaitForReady.INTERACTIVE) and defined a zone where the robot should look, that didn’t work in addition to being horrible (while True loop is disgusting).

I tried looking for thread about it but I only found topic about Slacks, Microsoft Asure, nothing with google Hangout. I finally found the google.apis.hangoutschat package but I don’t know how to use it properly.

My question would be : “How can I make a robot read messages in a google chat ?”

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