Scenario: Ask for more information from chatbot user

I’m trying to implement bidirectional messaging between my chatbot server and UIPath.

The scenario I need to implement is the following:

  1. From our company’s intranet website, the chat user starts a conversation with a chatbot
  2. The chatbot asks for some information, then adds a job in the UIPath Orchestrator queue
  3. The job is picked up by a UIPath robot
  4. The UIPath robot starts the workflow
  5. At some point during the workflow, the robot needs more information from the user. The workflow is paused.
  6. The chatbot asks the chat user for more information
  7. The chat user enters the information in the chat window
  8. The chatbot server sends this new additional information to UIPath
  9. The robot continues the workflow execution

The important part here is that the chatbot is a process that runs on my server, on my infrastructure.

How can I pause the execution of a Robot, then make the Robot communicate with my Chatbot server (over HTTP), and resume the workflow execution once the additional information is received (again, over HTTP)?

Using Tasks is not an option, since the chat user does not have access to the UIPath interface. The chat user only interacts with the chatbot through a webpage hosted on my servers.

Also, using Input Dialog ( is not an option, since the chatbot server and chat users will not have access to the Robot’s Windows environment.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Any feedback on this?