Automation runs from the Orchestrator but not Studio

We are having problems with an automation that uses a desktop application; basically it is running fine from the Orchestrator but gives selector issues when run from Studio (it used to run fine in an earlier version of Studio but isn’t working in 2018.4.5).

I’ve spent some further time investigating this and have listed the main points below.

The situation:

  1. The automation is running successfully in production from the Orchestrator, it was published using UiPath Studio version (2018.4.5)
  2. This automation no longer runs in the Studio, it gives selector issues, particularly with an element starting “<wnd aaname=” that seems to refer to the whole application window
  3. Having attempted to run it in the Studio on the production virtual machine, it no longer runs from the Orchestrator—it gives the same selector problems
  4. After deleting the user profile and reconfiguring the production virtual machine, the process again runs correctly from the Orchestrator
  5. After using Studio to update some of the selectors (it no longer adds the <wnd aaname… entries mentioned above) and publishing to the Orchestrator, the amended selectors work
  6. Updating all of the packages to the latest versions doesn’t solve the problem and causes an issue with the PDF handling


  1. Why does the automation run from the Orchestrator but not the Studio? We can’t currently debug this process if there are any problems.
  2. Why does the Studio produce different selectors now even though the ones currently in the code work with the package versions selected for this project when run from the Orchestrator?
  3. Why does attempting to run from the Studio stop the process from working when run from the Orchestrator until the user profile is deleted?

I’d be grateful for any assistance anyone can give with this.

Hi @Howard,
Are you able to check this with newer Studio version?