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The task is as follows. (step 1-3 has to be done by the robot).

  1. Read the Calculus.xlsx. Add a column ”Result”. If number > 1 number 2, subtract, else multiply them.

  2. Expect a tax rate of 15 %. Add another column that adds the taxrate to the result

  3. Save a new Excel-file with the results – The naming of the file must contain today’s date following this format: YYYY-MM-DD_Results.xlsx

I’m a newbie at Uipath almost a week in, so please bare with me. I seem to have reached a dead end here. I have managed to finish the entire task. It’s just that the outcome is not as it should. A new excel file is created it’s just that the columns for “result” and “taxrate” are empty and the “taxrate” results meaning the numbers are also added to the sheet it’s just that they’re not where they are supposed which is under their respective column.

I would have loved to upload my files that way it would have been easier to explain.
But i’m afraid I keep receiving this error message whenever I try to “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments”.


Please follow my suggestions like below for your requirement.

  1. I assume we are having two columns in calculas.xlsx those are Column1 , Column2

Use activity use excel file to open thr calculas excel and inside of the use excel file use two write cell activity to create two headers one for Result and one for Tax rate.

Use excel file (calculas.xlsx) → write celll - C1 - Result → write cell - D1 - Tax Rate

Use excel formula like below

For result : Write cell - C2 -


For Tax rate :

Write cell - D2


Now use two auto fill activity like below inder those write cell activities.

Autofill - C2

Autofill - D2

That’s it now we have to use Save as excel activity to save as Excel file into the given format

Use like below in the name we want


Refer the below documentation for more understanding on the save as excel activity. Thanks.

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Dear Kirankumar,

Thank you so much for your quick response. I’m extremely thankul for your assistance. To answer your first question. Yes, we are dealing with two columns the first is named “Number 1” and the second one named “Number2”.

Do you mind if I forward you my files via Social media for example facebook or linkedin? just so that I can be able to attach the exel file and my workflow. Being a beginner makes it hard for me to fully grasp the written text, unless we have visuals, I hope that makes sense?

I fully understand If your answer is a no, but it would be to great help. And once again Sir, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us beginners.

Best regards,

your most welcome. I have created small work flow. please refer the attached work flow for your reference. thanks. (8.9 KB)