Automation on virtual desktop

I’m currently building a prototype with UiPath to automate some Use Cases for an application, which is installed on a virtual desktop. My goal is that the automation starts itself on the virtual desktop every 30 minutes, without being logged into the virtual desktop.

If I start the automation manually on the virtual desktop with UiPath Studio or UiPath Robot, everything is working fine. However, when I close the window (during the automation), the Robot stops and throws a typical error message (“Cannot find selector…”).

I know that UiPath offers the Orchestrator to control over Robots for remote process monitoring, but I’m not really sure if this is the best and easiest way to solve my problem.

Does anyone have some experience with this kind of automation?

Thank you.

You can do this via Orchestrator but my understanding is that you will need to be logged in to the VM with the appropriate window open for the selectors to identify the activities that it needs to process

Thank you for your answer. So there is no possiblity to let the automation keep going without being logged in to the VM?

what you can do is provide the login credentials to the Orchestrator when you provision the robot. so it will login when the process has started

I tried to install the Orchestrator, but it says I need to install the IIS URL Rewrite Module first. Why do the Orchestrator need the IIS and do I have to install it on my VM or my local machine?

When your running the bot The VM closing ?
And Create the ssl certification
Refer below links

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