Automation Hub Cost Setup

If a client has 50 attended or unattended bot licenses, do we need to enter each one as a seperate entry in the Running Costs - RPA Software section?

How come there isn’t a QTY field that can be calculated? Or do i put one entry with the cumulative amount? I am not sure how the value is used.

Also where are we supposed to enter the UiPath Studio license cost or the Non-Prod costs ?

@lestermendoza: Please check these tutorials on how to use the Cost setup and how to perform the Cost Benefit Analysis in an automation idea.

  1. In Cost setup you manage the cost types, not the robot license number. Hence, no need to define 50 robot license. Just the cost type - cost with license for attended bot, cost with license for unattended bot.
  2. Cost setup is just for building a catalog of cost types (like a menu in a restaurant). The costs are applicable in the Cost Benefit Analysis section at the automation idea level (like the order you place at the table, when selecting items from the menu).
  3. Other Running Costs section - these are shared costs. It depends how granular you want to go in managing the cost catalog and reflecting the cost in an automation idea.