Automatically click one option based on its text

I need to select all (over 200) answers that is “Complaint” in a questionnaire (Windows app)
Right now Im trying to brute force it by recording my mouse click, but the horizontal bar is not recognized in the recorder, so I have to use Page Down, this is tricky because I may have to press it Once OR Twice depends on where the cursor (selected answer) is.
My ideal approach would be to Search/Look for all option buttons with “Compliant” text then select it and somehow magically jump to the next question/answer.
Is that feasible?

Hey @sogeyoj262

Yes, this is possible with Find Children & Click activity. Also with a different approach.

But I want to confirm whether the item gets disappeared after clicking complaint or it will stay and we need to scroll down slowly as item progress.


Thanks for your reply, but can you elaborate on your method? Newbie here!
The item will not disappear but instead marked as selected (see photo)

Okay do you have any idea on Find Children activity ?

Ref -

Hello @sogeyoj262

Did you tried using the Table extraction in the modern design. Open Table extraction and try to extract all the data, then you will get the result to a datatable and you can use filters to get the required data.