Click using find children


I have a table with data and the last column of the table has a editable icon. So whenever any validation happens that editable button should be clicked. The entries in the table may be one or more.

I assume find children activity might be helpful here. But i have no idea how it works. Can anyone pls help me out?

Hi @AditiGandhi, Is this in the web application you are talking about? Possible to share the screen shot regarding that table?


Hi @AnandKumar26 ,
Yes it is a web application.
Cannot share the screen as it has some data which should not be shared

Okay fine, click the button of the first row and second row then see any unique difference in the selector between each row.


Hi @AnandKumar26,
Not able to find the solution using selectors also. Any idea if ‘Find children’ works?


Use find children activity and store strChild
then use for each = strChild
use get attribution activity in the properties element mention it as item
then check with write line

Cheers @AditiGandhi