Automatically add to Favorites activities that are most used by the user

Maybe we can add automatically to the Favorites list, the most used activities in Studio for an user.
I know we have this option manually, but would be nice for us to monitor and add them

@Gabriel_Tatu You already have this functionality, is called Recently. It is hidden by default, but can be enabled if you check “Recent” in the “Show Activities” dropdown.

Isn’t this enough?

yes, i know about that one but what i was suggesting is a little different. we can “determine” what activities are used more often in a period of time, in a project. the Recent panel only shows the last 5 or 6 used items, they are not necessarily the most used ones.
for example if in the last hour the user has used more than 5 times Log message activity in its workflow, we can add this in the Favorites list. Its more like a cognitive decision.