Automatic wording- last part

contract of sales good document when i download it and go to open the excel file it keeps sending me this message saying file has been deleted.

. Can you please send me on a document that will open when i download it. Thanks,

Also i am having difficulty with the automatic wording process how do you replace a picture with another and when i go to run the process an error comes up saying that the way the files is saved is wrong can someone please zoom call me to go through this.
Thank you

Hello @Chloe_Caffrey

From the screenshot you uploaded, it appears you did not properly download the zip file.
I have attached the ZIP file to this post, try and download it again

Practice - Working with Word - working (25.9 KB)

If you are available you can join today’s office hour session.

Hi What time is the session at and how do i join it, Thank you

Hello @Chloe_Caffrey

I am unable to get the session link at the moment. But if you don’t mind, I can have a session with you to join you in working through the issues you have,

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 808 164 3554
Passcode: 6Vipf1

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Please inform me when you are ready so I can start the session. I am available up till 16:00 WAT

Hi afe, sorry i was in work in a meeting and couldnt get out of, can you ring me now, if not would you be available to have a session tomorrow as i am finding it really difficult to get this excel file open.
Thank you

Hello @Chloe_Caffrey

Are you free now?

Hi are you free to do a zoom call to go through a robot path with me its for week 3 i am having alot of issues its with the powerpoint and really need help, Thank you