Automate FTP back end process

Is it possible to automate RCM(Revenue cycle management) Us healthcare process which is Back end FTP process??

Hi @Rajnish

It depends on many factors (the feasibility) can you provide more details?

PS : Although this is a question of process discovery, deep dive and a proper RPA business analyst should be involved in ascertaining the feasibility.

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Thank you for your response, I am attaching workflow of this process…Please suggest possible solution

Well @Rajnish

A flowchart is hardly a deciding factor but anything, but any process that does not involve active cognition (human) gets nearer to feasibility in automation.

Apart from FTP can you list out the apps used in this workflow? if the apps are feasible then maybe yeah it might be achievable in terms of automating it end to end .

Disclaimer : It is impossible (or irresponsible) to declare any feasibility without deep dive and checking technical feasibility, but if you want a prima-facie outlook about this then the answer would be yes.

Regards :slight_smile:

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This process is already automated using C#, Now it needs to be automated by RPA and there is no other application involved, whole process is taking place in the form of back end code


RPA isnt different from the C# code. It makes it easier. Writing that code might have taken you months but RPA can do it within a few weeks (at most) if everything goes without a hitch.

You can use code snippets in the UiPath tool too, custom activities, .net code activities, VBA, VB Scripts… you name it.

I guess you can build a workforce of bots and then visualize it too using the custom logs.

Good luck with the migration (if you are planning on it))


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Thank you for providing me valuable information.

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My pleasure, please get back if you have more queries :slight_smile:

if you do not then close this topic.


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Sure will do that…need more time to explore…thanks again

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