Extracting information from external source

I am looking to automate the process of a back office where the input is coming from an external source. The input can come in CSV or excel however I wanted to know if we can use SFTP to share to and fro information to an external source. The information sharing would happen in a banking environment. So wanted to check if someone has done this kind of case earlier in a bank.

You can, there are tons of packages you can use containing sftp activities

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yah its absolutely possible…
to handle csv file we got READ CSV FILE activity which will read the csv and give us a datatable which can be processed further
or if its a xlsx file we have EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and other EXCEL ACTIVITIES which can handle that

for more info on banking automation here you go a article from uipath

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Thanks for sharing this information. Have you got any used cases for visa disputes specifically in Banking