Analysis Phase: feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

  1. Which kind of process we cannot automate? Why?
  2. Which processes are good for automation?
  3. What points need to keep in mind while considering process for automation?
  4. If whole process is not possible to automate then what will be approach?

Have a look at the RPA Awareness course on . All of these questions are answered in this course.

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I had some sucess with Community version in creating a robot that generated a complete standard medical record for a patient in It dreged up the last history, the last physical, the last set of diagnosis, the last meds and entered the standard billing charge all in one wiff. (Now I can edit the old and bring it up to date manually) I was hopeful to reuse it for many other patients of mine. It was buggy and one of the bugs was insert clientID and client secret. I checked supported apps and of course Athena was not there. Bummer. Am I correct in that I would need to get these 2 items from athena as a developer. Athena runs best in Chrome.

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to follow up to see if you were able to work through those bugs you initially encountered. Iā€™m looking into implementing RPA with Athena as well, so this would be very helpful to see.