How to overcome admin credentials for any software installation in uipath

I am trying to install applications (.exe) files on my system, but my system is secured on that asks for admin credentials every time I install new software. I need to automate this process. Can anyone tell me how to automate the screen which asks for admin credentials? also need to automate the navigations for any software installation

Hi @swathikindre,

I don’t think there is a bypass for it.
You can include logic to the bot for handling/entering the credentials in UAC popup.

Hi @swathikindre, If you have the system credentials means, You can you use the “Element Exist Activity”, If this pop-up exist means you enter the credentials or else no need, This is one of way to automate this process

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You have 2 options,

  1. refer @rohin_Kumar answer
  2. you can get admin access to your system login id from your organization.
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