Autofill without cell value incrementation

Hi all,

I am using StudioX to automate a file and I am stuck at copying a range and pasting it into another one. To be more specific I want to copy range O10:Q10 and paste it into range J2:L7. So rows 2 to 7 in columns J:L will have the same values. I tried with autofill but it increments the cell values. Another problem is that I am using this in a for each sheet loop so in one sheet I may have to paste the data into 7 rows in another in only 5 or 2 rows. (always the same columns J2:L…)
Not sure if I made myself clear enough…



Use Read range mention the range the range as “O10:Q10” and use write range in range mention “J2”

Hi @andreeadaniela.anghel

If possible, could you please share the input excel.

It’s the same. I used a VBA code to import data from multiple .csv files into one excel workbook so I can work through the data. From the screenshot I shared, I will need to copy O10:Q10 to J2:L2 and all the rows below which are populated. The issue with autofill is it increments the values from date and hour and I need to be the same for all rows as below

Hi @andreeadaniela.anghel

Can you try the below (285.9 KB)