Auto-Testbook creation!

Hello all of you guys! I came here to you with a feature requests. I think it will be useful to many of you and also for me. Here is my need: during my RPA implementation i create 3 different document:

  • PDD (Process Design Document)
  • SDD (Solution Document Definition)
  • Testbook (with every step tracked about tests carried on during development phase)

This last document is the pain for us. Keep track o every tests and put it into excel file is a waste of time, so i am wondering if it is possibile to develop a passive feature, maybe available to be activated/deactivated on home pane, to create on every run an excel or csv files with the name of the XAML file used by the process during main and other invoke workflow and keep track about the execution status. Every line of the file should list the workflow file name used during execution, timestamp and status:
→ workflow completed without error? OK
→ workflow completed with error? FAILED

I know that there is the “test” folder and feature on latest version of UiPath ReFramework but i think that have this kind of features, during your normal developing could be very time-saving.

Let me know what you think about it.
See ya!

Hello @m.mezzacapo ,

this is quite an old thread but as it was assigned to me I wanted to follow up in case this is still relevant for you.
You may know that we meanwhile offer a rich test suite as part of the UiPath platform that allows you to perform comprehensive RPA Testing.
Considering that you already had a chance to look at it, is there any capabilities missing from your point of view?