Test suite report and Dashboard

Hi, The UiPath test suite is an effective tool for performing application testing and should include the following features.

  1. The report should be exported in multiple formats, such as PDF, HTML, and so on. Currently, it only exports in Excel.
  2. Test case assertions must be on the same page. Currently, we need to go into detail to review the test case report.
  3. The test set (test case) logs should be exported in a single file.
  4. The dashboard should include more information such as the number of test cases in the testset, the number of passes and failures, and the execution time of each testcase/testset.

Hello Pravin,

thx a lot for your feedback, we are completely aligned with you here.
We are working on a possiblity to export in multiple file formats and also will include additional details that have not been available so far.
Besides that, we will enhance Test Managers dashboard and in-tool reporting, as well as integrate with e.g. Insights.
I cannot yet tell you when those changes will be available, but we plan to deliver on it in 2024.
cc: @Gernot_Brandl

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