Uploading fine tune data in Document manager

If you want to manually upload fine tune data generated by manual validation in action center you have 2 options: use schedule feature or do it manually. Lets go through these 2 possibilities.

Use schedule feature

Schedule option works well with Auto-Fine-tuning Loop but can be also used outside this framework

1- In document manager select Export

2- Go to schedule option

3- Ativate scheduling, choose time, frequency, and schedule

4- At time schedule check logs to see if exported was succeful. You should see documents from fine tune in document manager. If you only want to import one time dont forget to desativate schedule option.

Upload it manually

1- Go to your dataset and check if there is a fine tune folder

2- Select it and then click in download dataset button. After request download you can follow it in your exports. It can take a while depending on the document volume. After it download to your local machine.

3- In the download file look for fine tune folder. It should contain 2 subfolders (documents and metadata). Zip these 2 subfolders.

4- Import the zip file in document manager. After that you should see your labelled documents in document manager according action center human validation


Hi @Camila_Caldas , Good Information!

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Hi @Camila_Caldas ,

Im getting a followin error while trying to upload the fine-tune.zip back to document manager.

Could you please help me with this.

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