Auto Fill in whole column

Hello guys,

I’m trying to automate a process in which I have a formula in the cell “E2” (simple sum of C2+D2). Now I want to apply the formula on the whole column E. I tried to read out my table and store it in a variable. Then I used the “Rows.Count” function to count to the last row which is in my table as you can see in the screenshot. When i execute the robot it says: “Excel Application Scope: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
Can somebody help me?

Best regards

Hi @achalisma,
First things first. Please show us the properties for Excel Application scope.

Sorry, I’m quiete new to UiPath :sweat_smile:
Is this what you need?

It can mean that your Read Range activity don’t see properly the excel sheet by name or you int.Rows variable is empty. Please try to investigate this.

Additionally you can use this sample as a reference and help: