Add empty row within Excel-file without Application Scope

Hi everyone,

I am trying to remove all the Excel Application Scope activity, it is causing problem due to restrictions from our provider. The only method that does work for the unattended robot is Workbook activities. But i stumbled upon an issue with add/remove row activity for Excel. This is only available within the Application Scope. Is there any other method to add a row with Workbook?

Copying the whole sheet to a datatable and re-writing it with the new data was not an option. The sheet is a table format. Which means the last ‘empty’ column/row that UiPath reads is somewhere around row 7000.

Any help is appreciate it! I might be wrong with the conclusion above, please correct me if that is the case.


You have append range workbook activity which will append the data to excel as needed…

You can add the datarow to a datatable and use the activity


HI @sirwa

You can try with modern excel activities by enabling modern in filters