Excel Formula without using Row Count

Hi Team ,
I have 3 columns and i need to concatenate these columns using excel formula.
Total excel records are 10k plus…
if i use hotkeys(shft+ctl+down) and (ctrl+d) ,
its selecting empty rows as well and those rows are filled with #NA
kindly guide me

Hi @marirajamca1,
here you can make use of Auto Fill Range activity. Simply write cell the formula in specific cell, and use Auto Fill Range
here’s the doc about this activity, so you’ll get the idea.

here’s the example you can refer.



There are many method to do that.
For another way, you can invoke VBA to input empty cell with value that you want.

*Need to enable [Trust access to the VBA project object model] in Excel

You can refer attach file to guideline
InsertValueToEmptyCell.zip (18.1 KB)

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