Auto create folder using upload file SharePoint

Using the file upload activity on SharePoint, if a folder is indicated that does not exist on SharePoint, is it created automatically?

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“File Upload” activity in UiPath for SharePoint did not automatically create folders if the specified folder did not exist in SharePoint.

To handle this situation, in your UiPath workflow to check if the folder exists and create it if it doesn’t. Here’s a high-level approach to handle this:

  1. Use the SharePoint activity to check if the folder exists. You can use the “Get Folder Info” or a similar activity to query the folder’s information.
  2. If the folder does not exist, use the SharePoint activity to create the folder. You can use the “Create Folder” activity to create the folder in SharePoint.
  3. After creating or verifying the folder’s existence, use the “File Upload” activity to upload your files into the folder.


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No, the file upload activity in UiPath will not automatically create a folder if the folder does not exist on SharePoint. You will need to create the folder manually before uploading the file.

To create a folder in SharePoint using UiPath, you can use the Create Folder activity. The Create Folder activity allows you to create a new folder in a SharePoint library.

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