Attended Robot vs standalone Unattended Robot

Let’s focus in a non Orchestrator scenario…

I am currently exploring the different licensing options available and a question came up:
Given that it is not possible to launch an unattended robot in any way but by human intervention (is it?), what would be the difference between these two settings?:

1- Standalone Unattended Robot
2- Attended Robot

I understand that the main benefit of having an U.R. is the ability to run it from OC. Now, does it make sense to have an U.R. in a non-OC scenario?
Correct me if I’m wrong but the “robot” itself is technically the same in both cases and what makes A.R. different from U.R. is, legally speaking, for what we want to use it, right?
Maybe I’m getting things wrong… so I wait for your comments.

I hope I made myself clear. Thanks in advance.

hi @sebaaf96

Have a look on this article. This will clear you all doubts.

Attended and Unattended Bot
you can just refer the UiPath Academy UiPath Licensing Training

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Achal Sharma


The UR costs much more than the AR and it would not be economical to buy an UR and use it as a AR.