Attaching current attachment to an email


We are processing all mails, and for each mail item, processing each attachment. We are doing some validation on the attachments, and we want to attach the current attachment to a new email as a notification.

Is there a way to do this directly (as opposed to saving it, then attaching the saved file)?

I have tried clicking the Add Attachment link, then entering attachment.Name, but that does not work.

Regards, Stewart

Hi @judderman

Are you using the Send Outlook Mail Message activity?
I am afraid it is currently not possible to attach the file directly, as the only input argument available in this activity is a String or a List of String.

However, let me rephrase it a bit so that we are on the same page. Could you confirm that you would wish to use attachment variables from the mail collection retrieved with the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity?

I think it is a nice idea and I will take a note for our team to have a look at it for future releases of the mail activity package :slight_smile:

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Hi @loginerror

The question was phrased more generally than that, but the source of the question is exactly the scenario you surmise. I guess any possible changes should work with a collection of attachment variables retrieved from any activity, being sent on by any activity that supports attachments.

Hope it makes it into a release :wink:

Regards, Stewart

Of course :slight_smile: I guess I tried to be too specific here for maximum clarity. I placed a note for our team about this request and it will be considered for future releases.
No promises about it, but sooner or later it should make its way to the new version of Mail package :slight_smile:

Is this still WIP? Iā€™m in Ver 2019.4.0 Community Edition

Update: As suggested in earlier post in this thread, I was able to use a variable and send email with attachment.

Hi @judderman

As mentioned by @csathys, the functionality is indeed already there :smiley:

All you need to do is use the Save Attachment and save your attachment to a variable:

You can then paste this variable in the variable collection of your Send Outlook Message here: