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Hello, I am using the activity get Outlook email messages, I am sending it to a foreach where I want to save these in a specific folder through the activity save attachments. But I have this error in the save attachmetns mail activity: Save email attachments: The provided MailMessage does not reference a known email service.
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I have attached the error flow.

Hi @santiago_Alvarez

  1. Verify the MailMessage variable type: Ensure that the variable you’re using to store the MailMessage object in your workflow is of the type System.Net.Mail.MailMessage.
  2. Confirm the MailMessage object is not null: Before using the “Save Attachments” activity, make sure the MailMessage object you’re trying to save attachments from is not null or empty. Add a condition or validation step to check if the MailMessage object is valid.

Also check this video which has detail info about downloading attachments from outlook

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