AttachCollection_Send Outlook Email

Hi I want to attach all PDFs and Excels…
So I made project like this…
but for attachmentCollections, I don’t know how to write Files_Excel and Files_PDF together…
semicolon or comma doesn’t work.

Help me please~


Keep all the files In a folder and get the filepath of them as a collections

Pls have a view on this thread

Cheers @111153


Can you try to set the following expression at attachmentCollections property?



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Thanks for reply.
I saw this solution before… But this thread used attachmentsCollection for attaching folder.
I want to attach only PDF and Excel so I made the project like this.

Is that impossible to send PDF and Excel files only by using my project just changing something on AttachmentsCollections?

It works!! Thank you so much!

I’m beginner of UiPath…
What’s the different between , + ; and concat?
In other activities, I used , + ; to add multiple things like email address…
why I can’t use them on AttachmentsCollection?


In this case, as you try to merge collection(array) to collection(array), cannot use + operator. (It’s not defined)
So, we need to use Concat or Union etc.

On the other hand, string type has + operator, it can be merged using it.


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