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hi all
trying to attach a window in SAP Spool Request - however at run time the title is keep on changing - is it possible to control the title of window

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We won’t be able control the title I used we can set that title attribute with wild card * in the selector of that window
So that bot can accept any title that comes up in the next execution

Cheers @saeen

thanks @Palaniyappan
If the title is
“Graphical display of spool request 971598 in system UAT”
Can this be changed to as follows:

Graphical display of spool request *
or some thing else


Hi @saeen,

Identify the right selector which causes the problem and replace the part of the selector with *(Asterisk).

For instance:

title: Invoice No: 56795


title: Invoice No:*

Will do that.

Thanks and Regards,
Ranjith Udayakumar

Yeah, you`re right…

Graphical display of spool request *

It will work fine.

Of course that would work perfect
Kindly try once and let know pls
cheers @saeen

thanks @Palaniyappan it worked…

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