Attach browser not working properly with chrome?

Hey guys,

So I’m having an issue where my attach browser activity isn’t functioning with google chrome, I think.
The selector is valid, and I also tried with the wildcard, as shown below.
The browser type is matched, Chrome.
When i test the workflow i either get an error in the output pane saying “attach browser is faulted” or no error and it just keeps on going, not doing the tasks, until i stop it. i let it run for 10 mins one time and had to stop it myself and there was no error showed.
I have the latest chrome version and the latest uipath studio version.
I do have several browsers opened at the same time, but none with the same url or name.
Also, this is the second workflow in my project where i stumble upon this situation; i can’t log out of the acme site because of the same attach browser faulted error…
Anyone else encountered this issue? Any suggestion? Please…


Run the workflow in debug mode and help me with screenshot of that error. So that we can help you better in this.

Hi @Gaki

I think it’s related to the title of the selector in attach browser. Try to make the title dynamic. Replace the work items part of it with a star wild card character.

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Have you selected the browser type

@Gaki - You must select browser type or must provide browser type variable …

I ran the workflow in debugging mode, this is what happens… i dont even get an error anymore… it just tries to process and gets stuck at the very begining…

I did. Still not working. Thanks.

I have also tried using the wildcard. still not working :frowning:


Could you please show me screenshot of your selector the one you used with wild card once.

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Its working now. i just restarted the uipath studio and its working now :expressionless:

thank you all for your support :beers:

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