Attach Browser is not working

When I am doing Attach browser activity for any site (for eg now Amazon). When I am using indicate on screen option the selector is taking in chrome is as follows–>
but an error is coming that it excepts an Html selector which is not coming.Error 2
Please find the attached SS for the error.
Please help me to get rid of this solution.

Hai @anshul.sawant … Ensure that ur Extension enabled … IE is better fr ur process

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please share with us:

  • the detailed link info, that you are using
  • the info which Browser you are using

Your can try with the repair function from Uiexplorer to find a more reliable selector. Or just rewire it by redoing it with an indicate element

hi @anshul.sawant welcome to community.
check is a web page is opened OR NOT ,at the time of BOT running.

Browser is Chrome

for IE also same problem exist

@anshul.sawant - Problem is in the selector of the element. Try to create dynamic selector and remove any title and html tags from selector if exist because selector will inherit this from Attach Browser activity.

hope it will help you.


Give a try on following selector for the attach: <html app='chrome.exe' url='*' />

But also ensure that your chrome extension is installed and fully configured:

  1. Click the Side Navigation Bar image alt text > More Tools > Extensions . The chrome://extensions/ page is displayed.
  2. In the chrome://extensions/ page, navigate to the UiPath extension.
  3. Click the Details button. The UiPath Chrome extension details page is displayed.
  4. On this page, select the Allow access to file URLs check box.

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Yes It worked. Thanks for the Help.