Attach a document with SAP Transaction FB03

Hello Together

I would like to attach the posting document of a transaction. I do this via transaction FB03 by calling the document number.
But here I do not get further. I have two options. Either by “drag and drop” or by double clicking on “AA Attachments General” (add attachment) and then selecting the appropriate document.

However, the drag and drop function does not recognize the Explorer folder. I can’t make a Type Into there when it is called.
How could I proceed here?

Thanks a lot


May I know is the type into area not being recognized?

Did you try with ui explorer with switching the mode…

As its a normal window …a type into shpuld ideally be working…can you please confirm the same


Hi @Anil_G

What do you mean by switching the mode?
If I use the “Type into” actvity, I only have these two options available:


When you open ui explorer …you can see a gear icon on top…which when clicked will give you option to select the ui framework…where you have two modes ui automation and active accessibility…when one of the mode is not working to identify selector then we can switch the mode and try identifying the selector

Hope this helps



Thanks for your reply. I switched the mode but it’s still not working.
It just shows these two options: the Excel File or the SAP (as you can see in the screenshot)
Do I need to use another “Use application/browser” activity and indicate on the Explorer Folder thn?



Its a different window…so use a different use application or browser and then indicate the target type into activity…

And I am sure we can indicate type into in the save as window as that is kind of a common window that we see


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