Assignment of multiple files in a Gdrive

I have folder with multiple pdf file and an excel file with file name and folder name in Gdrive.

I want to upload each file in the corresponding folder
Then to create a folder called “today date” and to input and move in it.


  1. Create folder using create folder activity and for that you ahve to use find files/folders to get base folder
  2. use for each row in datatable
  3. Then find files/folders for finding the folder in excel
  4. Use move file with output from step 1 and 3


thank you,
the first step it’s ok but The second find files/folder it’s to fnd the file in the desktop ?


So a wuestion here…are the files in local ?

If so then you dont need second find files…and also dont need move file…instead you can use upload files directly

If they are in drive then you need find and move

Hope this helps


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