Create Multiple folders and Files from Excel

Attached is an excel file. I would like to Create a folder for each MFRID number in the excel sheet. For example MFRID_955, MFRID_956, MFRID_958. Inside each created folder i would like to create an excel file with just the number as the file name. Example below. Could somebody please provide a sample workflow?
Folder- MFRID_955 Excel File Name 955
Folder- MFRID_956 Excel File Name 956
Folder- MFRID_958 Excel File Name 958
Once i figure this out i will then be downloading a PDF associated with that number and will need to move that downloaded PDF to that specific folder.
sample2.xlsx (9.7 KB)


Nice work, how would i now add an excel file in each folder?


After create folder in the same loop use write range with a empty datatable or dummy data to create a excel file…

Or have a empty excel file as template and then use copy file to moce the template and rename it as needed…

Currentrow("ColumnName").ToString will give the folder name Currentrow("ColumnName").ToString.Split({"_"},StringSplitOptions.None)(1) will give the file name as needed…

Then for pdf as well we can use move file or copy file


Use for each folder in the path activity

Write range workbook can be used to create excel


Hope the following sample helps you. (10.0 KB)


Thanks for this, it will work. I also posted another automation question, thread address below. Nobody has answered it thought you could help. If you get a moment could you look it over?


All right. I’ll reply the above topic.


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