Assignment 2 - Generate Yearly Report, Performer GetTransactionData problem


So I am doing the assignment 2 and when running the process, I have an issue with the Get Transaction Item activity. When I run it it initially throws an error: “You are not authenticated”. After I go into my Orchestrator and check the permissions, it sometimes throws a different error “Object is not assigned to an instance of an object”. I have changed to name on my config file to “InHouse_Process4” and have assigned it to the value of “YearlyReport” in the config file.

“YearlyReport” is the name of the queue in my Dispatcher and in Orchestrator. I do not understand where the mistake is made or if this has happened to anyone, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Danny_Agueros

If you are getting an error “You are not authenticated” from UiPath means, I believe something has to be done with roles in Orchestrator page.
Please verify whether you have all the required roles(view, edit ) so essential for any operations.

Please refer the following link


Hi, I have set both the Queue and Job roles in Orchestrator to full capacity. This then disappears. The issue seems to be with the object but I am not sure what. The queue and jobs have full permissions.

Variable Type should be QueueItem in Get transaction Item activity, could you send me a screenshot of the sequence. So I may get a clear picture.

Yes, here are my screenshots of my sequence, arguments and my config file

And these are my orchestrator settings

The Object error means your variable is not assigned anything. Make sure you are setting your Config dictionary variable through the Init xaml before running other parts of the project, and make sure you are running it from the start or at a point where it can invoke the Init xaml part.

Other troubleshooting you can do is output the value of the variable before or inside .xamls so see what is set to that variable. If it’s not set anything (as in the Object variable), then common resolution is checking the IN or OUT direction of the arguments that set those variable(s)

My guess,

Your dispatcher is returning null value after you perform Get Transaction Item,
Please check the queues manually,

Okay thank you, that explains the object error. But now the error that appears is the authentication error. I have set the orchestrator settings as above but I am obviously missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, my queue after the dispatcher has run a few times to check it works has 81 new items so i am assuming its not returning null values?

I think its an authentication error but I am not sure where the issue might arise

You set those permissions for the Robot Role, correct?

Hello, I did a little bit more digging and I found the problem. I had to downgrade my activities package to run it from a lower grade package 20.10.4 and it works. Same issue with the dispatcher but I thought I had downgraded Studio, and not just one project.

Thank you very much everyone for your help


Glad to hear…