Assigning a "selector not found error" in a boolean variable


is it anyhow possible to assign selector not found error in a variable? i want to use that error output as a Boolean variable. For example, it will go to the next iteration if there is a selector not found error.

BR, Sunny

You can use TRY CATCH activity to do the same @saifkln Instead of capturing and checking. I hope we can’t capture that.

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thanks @HareeshMR, I am trying that now.

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Yah of course that’s possible

We can assign a Boolean variable with either True or False in a try catch block
—like keep the whole sequence in the TRY block of TRY CATCH activity
—in the very beginning of the sequence in the Try block use a assign activity and mention like this
Bool_error = False
Where Bool_error is a Boolean variable

—now if any exception occurs it will go to catch block where we can use another assign activity and assign the above Boolean variable as true
Bool_error = True

This can be used in upcoming process to validate to continue with which process

Cheers @saifkln

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@Palaniyappan, thanks mate. I hope it will work. :slight_smile:

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Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @saifkln

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