Assign A variable in selector

can some one help me solve this problem.

webctrl parentid=‘ctl00_main_RadTreeList1’ tag=‘TABLE’ />
webctrl parentid=‘ctl00_main_RadTreeList1_ctl*’ tableCol=‘2’ tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘" +selname+"’ />

selname this has been assigned from assign activity .

can someoone help me solve the issue in second assigned activity .refer selectors above.

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Can you show me what error it’s showing.
But try pasting this:grinning:

"<webctrl parentid='ctl00_main_RadTreeList1' tag='TABLE' /><webctrl parentid='ctl00_main_RadTreeList1_ctl*' tableCol='2' tag='TD' aaname='" +selname+"' />"


what i need to pass . Single or double quotes ??

Some compiler error . End of expression required

Check above I have corrected it

@devKarthikeyanR - thanks buddy It worked for me now.

I think it will work now. Thanks for accepting the solution.

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