Assign variable + 1 to repeat loop for next file


I have a problem with assigning +1 to my variable “ugenr”. Instead of returning 1+1=2 it gives me 1+1=11 (first one is from my input dialog box). So I figured out it was because of my variable type, it is a GenericValue and needs to be Interger.
But when I change it to integer I run in to all kinds of problems: The integer value does not work with my excel write cell and neither does it work with read PDF (file path is dependent on the week number entered in the dialog box)
I cant upload the file because im a new user, but I hope you can give some input how to solve it.

Br Morten

Hi, If you change the variable type to Integer and use ugenr.ToString in excel write cell and read PDF it should work

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